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Zombie Walk 2015  

By Courtney Knowles

The Zombie Walk is a charity event for families raising funds for East Kent Hospitals. The event is held annually around Halloween, where people of all ages are encouraged to dress up as zombies and walk around Folkestone.


This event is for anyone and everyone who wants to celebrate Halloween, and don’t worry you haven’t missed out on deadlines as it is a turn up on the day event.




This is the first time that this walk will fall on Halloween, October 31st, and this year the Folkestone Mayor will also be attending.


The organisers Andy, Terri and Vix said: “The highlight of the walk for us is seeing everyone congregating and enjoying the atmosphere, which is created by like-minded people meeting to celebrate and help raise funds for charity”.


The Folkestone Zombie Walk has proven to be a terrific success, with hundreds of people participating each year and now receiving full support from the local council, according to the organisers. Although last year there were complaints, the event went on to receive national press coverage.

To join in, the walk is on Halloween, Saturday 31 October and starts at 3:30pm outside the Leas Cliff Hall.


There will be a 'Zombie Safe Zone' at The Skuba Bar for anyone who arrives early or requires make-up.


For more information check out their facebook page 

or their website


Folkestone Zombie Walk 2015 - Saturday 31 October @ 3.30pm  

Meet @ Leas Cliff Hall

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