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Join a Young Company this summer 

Transport Theatre will be back at the Quarterhouse this summer, but this time to work with young people. 


Known locally and internationally for their award winning reimagining of Shakespeare’s ‘As you Like it’ and the modern adaption of Arabian Nights for young people with ‘1001 Nights’, they are now looking for 15 participants aged 16 to 23-years-old, to join their latest project – to devise a new piece that will become a play.  


Director Douglas Rintour said there are some particular themes they want to explore, but don’t as yet know what the play will be about.  “It’s going to be part of a bigger process that we are looking to make, our next new devise piece, and we are keen to explore those ideas with a group of young adults, young performers.”


One of the first times Transport Theatre has ever done a Young Company; it's not just for people who are interested in acting.  “If you’re interested in acting, interested in stage management, interested in 

sound, making sound design, working with sound, we have a really brilliant sound designer who we will be working with.  We have a really fantastic stage management team as well.” says Douglas.


“If you’re interested in writing, because it is a devise piece but there will be certain elements that will mean writing some of the script and all of this will head towards a public performance that we are going to make at the end of it.”


Influenced by the work created by the Young Company, The Transport Theatre will go away and write a play that will tour the UK for five weeks and when rehearsals start, they hope the participants from the Folkestone workshop will go along and give feedback along with seeing the final show.  

 1001 Nights 

 Douglas Rintour 

 As you Like It 


The workshop at the Quarterhouse will run for two weeks over the summer holidays, Monday to Friday from the 11 – 22 August.  


For more information email: or contact the Quarterhouse

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