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YARP Festival

Starting of as just an online radio show, YARP went onto interview touring bands and then started featuring exclusives from international bands which created the YARP festival. Many of you are most likely wondering what YARP means; it’s another word for YES, so yes expect a lot of music laughs and drinks at this festival.

Most of the headlining acts are from outside Kent, and some are from outside the U.K. They hope to keep on bringing international touring bands to Folkestone to play alongside YARP’s big Kent bands and local favourites.

This year YARP are proud to host Canadian Nerd Rockers 'Double Experience', Belgium Hardcore boys 'Signs Of Algorithm', Bristol based 'Three Kings High', Pop punk's 'Millie Manders' and local favourites 'Riskee & the Ridicule', 'The Young Hearts', 'BENZOKAYN', 'Angelo Tristen' and many more.

This year their Main Stage is located at The Lower Leas Amphitheatre at the coastal park. There will also be 6 evening stages set up at The Frenchman, The Chambers, The Harp Restrung, Kipps' Alehouse, Lime Bar Café & The Royal George. Last year the festival took place at the Quarterhouse and The Lanterns, but they are really dedicated to bringing new music to as many venues in Folkestone as they can.

Colin O'Reilly – YARP Festival Organiser said “I myself am involved with some Folkestone groups, so naturally friends from these tend to volunteer and get involved. These include members of the 'Photographic Collective – Folkestone Chapter', 'Folkestone Youth Project', 'Kent DIY Collective' and many more locals and the bars who are involved. We'd love to work with anyone willing to get involved”. 

The Festival is aimed at anyone who wants to enjoy their weekend in good company with great live music.


“Our friends belong to bands of all genres so when it came to organising shows we found we had to make the nights work with a varied line up. After all, turning bands away from shows they want to play is never an option for us; we are all about including bands and making a welcoming scene for bands and fans to enjoy. We sometimes hear the odd comment from someone that might want the music heavier or lighter RIGHT NOW, but we just remind them that there are still people enjoying the music no matter what style it is. We love hearing new music we may have otherwise missed, so now we are repaying the favour. Also this year we are working with Folkestone Town Council and all the lovely local venues who are helping to make this event possible”.

Expect to have fun, expect to hear new music, expect a few burgers and beers, and a great view if your down at the Amphitheatre.

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