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WOW Festival

by Courtney Knowles

Alongside a busy schedule of theatre, film, music and comedy, the Quarterhouse will now be hosting festivals throughout the year starting with a WOW festival which celebrates International Women's Day on March 8.


The WOW Festival happens all around the world including and in Folkestone where it is in it's fourth year. After a succesful large-scale festival last year, and co-curated with the Folkestone Fringe and Leah Thorne, the Quarterhouse have been hosting 'Think Ins' ahead of it's return.


Here local women come together to portray their ideas of talks and workshops that they think will celebrate women and girls, along with exploring important topics for women today. On over five days at the Quarterhouse, this year the Lime Bar Café will also be hosting lunch time talks: “Basically when I think of it, it’s to really celebrate everything we’ve gained” said Leah.


From Tuesday to Friday, the festival is designed so people can drop in on a free event during their lunch break, with talks covering subjects such as women in incarceration by Leah, how women are affected by austerity and women and domestic violence. And although the Women of the World event is about women, it’s aimed at everyone: “People contributing and women and men coming along all ages, that’s what’s really going to make this a fantastic festival.”

WOW Festival

Tuesday 8th March - Saturday 12th March

 You can enjoy as many WOW events as you like by purchasing a $40 WOW Week Pass, or £15 Day Pass for Saturday 12 March.


For individual events check our Calender or ring The Quarterhouse Box Office : 01303 760 750

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