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Lookout - What I really thought of the Folkestone Triennial

By Ella Clayton


As one of the most ambitious public art projects presented in the UK, the Folkestone Triennial brought lots of interest and publicity to our small but might town.


Previous themes have included ‘Tales of Time and Space’ and ’A Million Miles from Home’ and as with those previous Triennial’s, this year’s ‘Lookout’ would never have succeeded without the minds of the great artists that are involved.


This years Triennial bought some great works to Folkestone, so it would be hard to choose a favourite but for me it was the work by Something & Son on the top of the Glassworks Sixth Form Centre. 

The self-maintaining, no waste fish and chip shop, grew over the duration of the Triennial, fish, mint, peas and potatoes. 


 Mint growing  

 'Fish Tank'    

Having also helped out as a student with this project, I have seen how it has really intrigued and fascinated the public and made people think about how things could be done in the future by becoming more efficient.


For me, this year’s Triennial turned out to be the best yet and it really does bring lots of opportunities to Folkestone, by adding culture and making it a place that inspires the country.


We are a very lucky town indeed.

 Photos by Heidi Kuisma    

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