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Triennial Overheard 

What happens when lots of different people from around the globe visit the same place to visit an art project?  Well we eavesdrop of course!


We will bring you a selection of stories from the Triennial, and conversations overheard at some of the locations. 

Despite the council extending the hours that public toilets are open, when you've gotta go, you've gotta go if this visitor was anything to go by.  


Reaching the top, the young'en who was completely starkers, relieved himself.  Talk about having a view! 

@ Gabriel Lester

Q: What is the most commonly asked question at the Triennial Kiosk?


A: "When does the Punch and Judy show start" 


One of the pieces of ceramic at Emma Hart's exhibition was knocked down by a ladies left boob at the opening weekend.


The part had to be swapped around with another piece.

It's everyone's worst nightmare; accidentally knocking something over with your elbow or your bag, but maybe ladies, we need to consider other potential hazards.....

@ Emma Hart 

Quote of the day: "You'd be better off growing cannabis love"

@ Something & Son


One company may not be winning top marks for observation skills at one of the installations:


At the disused property on the Old High Street, no. 48, a gentleman attempted to take a meter reading. He was told by one of the hosts that nobody had lived there for years and to look at the (clay) stairs.


Knocking on the door, he was overheard as saying: "I don't look at peoples stuff. I just read the meter". He tried the bell.


He was looking for no. 38!

@ Andy Goldsworthy

This structure is called Steve and earlier this month there was an aaahhh moment when a small wedding party arrived and took photos of the happy couple sitting inside. Apparently the groom and best man are both called Steve.

@ Sarah Staton


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