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The Money

By Courtney Knowles

The Money is a theatrical game that is on at the Quarterhouse over the next couple of weekends on Saturday 23rd (5 & 8pm), 29th (8pm) and 30th (5 & 8pm).

The first series of The Money was in November 2012 and since then it has toured nationally and internationally to civic spaces including; Houses of Parliament, London Guildhall, Edinburgh City Chambers (British Council Showcase) Mayfest Bristol and most recently Tianjin, China. As well as Folkestone they are off to the U.S.A, Italy and Australia later this year.  

It is a theatrical game that asks audiences to make a choice at the point of purchasing a ticket, to be a Benefactor and donate (and therefore have a voice around the table) or a Silent Witness and watch.

During the show Benefactors have 90 minutes to try and reach a unanimous decision about how they want to spend the money. Silent Witnesses watch on, but can buy in at any time and change everything.

If a unanimous decision is not reached then the money rolls over to the next performance and so on.

It can be hilarious, frustrating, urgent, loud, quiet, messy, and often brings out the best in people.

Emily Executive Producer at Kaleider “At Kaleider we make work that is playable, and where audiences are active in some way.  We also try to face some of the world’s greatest challenges, not as a campaign but to meaningfully try and turn people to face them through live experiences.

The Money does all of these things.


"Our critically acclaimed show-game was conceived by Artistic Director, Seth Honnor in 2012 who was interested in our relationship to money, the idea of ownership, and decision making systems."

A great place to find out more information would be on their website – on here you can watch a film of more being said about the show, and see clips from previous performances.

Or follow them on twitter @kaleider and follow @Quaterhouse_UK


You will have to book to be a Benefactor by donating a minimum of £10 or as much as you like or Silent Witness tickets are £12.

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