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The Jungle Book

This film honestly is absolutely brilliant, for all ages too. Not once throughout the 1 hour and 45 minutes was I sat bored, which in all fairness most films you do have a few minutes of day dreaming or wondering if you left the oven on.


Everyone knows the classic film ‘The Jungle Book’ but for a few, like me, has forgotten the story. Therefore this was such a fresh taste to childhood memories.  Living with a pack of wolves in a home he’s ever known Mowgli is soon guided by a no-nonsense panther and a free-spirited bear back to the human village; because a fearsome tiger, Shere Khan, disagrees with a human living within the jungle. Along his travels he finds new animals, friends as well as finding himself.




















The Silver Screen Cinema had many seats filled but not only by children, as a large amount of adults were also watching without being accompanied by any little ones. This just shows that the film is a true classic for all ages.


I personally was amazed at all the graphics and how real everything looked within the film. There was a few bits that made you jump, I may have let out a scream at one point. Not only this, but the film also very humorous. A definite must watch!


If you’ve watched a film at the Silver Screen Cinema you know how lovely the setting and atmosphere is, and if you haven’t yet enjoyed a film before at the Silver Screen your most certainly in for a treat.

The Jungle Book @ Silver Screen Cinema

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