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The BFG review

Arriving at the Silver Screen Cinema on a Tuesday evening I was not expecting it to be as crowded as it was. People were definitely excited to see this film and they sure weren’t disappointed. By the way if you didn't know BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant.

The BFG is without a doubt a big adventure on the big screen, with humour as well as the sense make belief.  Steven Spielberg captured the funny side of the big friendly giant, played by Mark Rylance – who did a brilliant job too.

If you remember the 1989 version of The BFG, this film will bring back memories and re-live the fun story by Roald Dahl. Immediately the film gets into action as within the first scene the little girl Sophie is taken once she had spotted The BFG, and brought back to Giant’s Land. Throughout her stay at Giant’s Land Sophie grows very fond of her new best friend as she learns all about The BFG’s job of catching and making dreams. It all seems lovely and magical for little Sophie until she realises that the other giants living outside of The BFG’s home are not friendly and love to eat human beings or what they like to call human ‘beans’. Finding out that the Giants snatch children from their homes and eat them, Sophie wants to make up a plan with The BFG to stop that all from happening.

The BFG is certainly a great adventure for the kids, leaving them on the edge of their seats, wanting to know how Sophie and The BFG stop the 'human eating giants' coming into England and snatching the children.

By Courtney Knowles

However, personally watching the film once was enough for me. As the film followed the Roald Dahl’s written version, it was like watching something you’ve seen before whereas when reading a book you let your imagination go wild. So when I was watching the exact story line I feel like it dragged out a bit too much. But Steven Spielberg’s creativity in the characterisation made it very enjoyable to watch.

The BFG is currently showing at the Silver Screen Cinema and you can find out the listings on our calendar.

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