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Underground Dining in Folkestone 

The supper club is a private dinner party, often with people that have never met and thanks to an American, it’s now popped up in Folkestone. Pami Hoggatt is a food blogger who moved to Folkestone in 2007 after meeting her local husband at the University of Kent. Her blog, A Crust Eaten, started 2 years ago and includes local places to eat out with reviews in other areas in Kent, London and the States. It also features recipes for a variety of dishes.

The first supper club launched last year at the suggestion of Amy, from the cafe and furniture shop Follies, and it will return to the Sandgate Road family business for the next one on 22 March. With a few in between, including at the Firkin Ale House, Pami was surprised how social it was from the start: “I was in the kitchen amazed. Everyone was chatting, the whole table chatted together.” At the moment this is a hobby: “It’s fantastic fun and hard work. I would love to do it full-time.”


With a menu that is decided beforehand, dishes at the different clubs have included: Lamb belly fritters with pickled shallots, pumpkin soup with bacon and pecan cream, cobnut crumble , brisket chili and pear and ginger upside down cake. There has also been a thanksgiving supper club: “It was Amy’s idea as she really likes corn bread. Thanksgiving is about putting on your fat pants.”


The difference with eaten out a supper club and a restaurant, is that you may not know who you are sitting with and the chef, will usually be serving the customers as well.  Just because it’s not a formal restaurant, does not mean the food is any less delicious. “I’m not a chef” said Pami, who in her working life is a sub editor. “My whole thing is about being seasonal and using local ingredients as much as possible.” As for Folkestone: “It’s very community orientated and when the sun shines, Folkestone is one of the most beautiful places.”

Spring Equinox Supper Club @ Follies - March 22


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