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Our Interactive Street Art Map 

Here at the Folkestone Status, we decided we'd create an interactive map highlighting all the street art in our town, so you can find out where they are and a bit more about the artists that have created them. 


Recent additions this year include the Tontine Street/Dover Road mural created by Upsaw featuring Diana Dors and local Folkestone landmarks, the giant seagull behind Lidl called 'Small Eyes' by Leigh Mulley and the 'Noel's Yard Mural' by El Davo of a giant beanstalk holding a guitar. 


The interactive map shows  photos of the art, their locations, who created them and why.  There are also links to the artists and associations that helped to fund some of the projects.


If you see any new street art pop up in Folkestone please get in touch so we can add it to our map. 

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