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Shepway's Polling Stations 

By Rachel Hocking

With the EU referendum fast approaching this Thursday 23rd June, you may not know where you can go to vote.



Here is the list of all the polling stations in Shepway and their opening hours.

Grace Taylor Hall, 126 Lucy Avenue,



St Georges Church Hall, Audley Road, Folkestone


The Tower Theatre (FHODS), North Road, Folkestone


All Souls Church Hall, Somerset Road, Folkestone


St Andrews Methodist Church Hall, Surrenden Road, Folkestone


The Salvation Army Citadel, Canterbury Road, Folkestone


St Johns Church Hall, St Johns Church Road, Folkestone


Wood Avenue Library, Wood
Avenue, Folkestone


Town Hall, 2 Guildhall Street,


United Reformed Community
Hall, Castle Hill Avenue,


Holy Trinity Church Hall,
Sandgate Road, Folkestone


School of English Studies, 26
Grimston Gardens, Folkestone


St Marys Primary School
(Foreland Avenue Entrance),
Warren Road, Folkestone


Tourist Information Centre, Tram
Road Car Park, Tram Road


Dover Road Social Club, Old
School House, Dover Road


Folkestone Baptist Church Hall,
Hill Road, Folkestone


Seabrook Church, 141 Seabrook
Road, Hythe


Father Daly Hall, Mill Road, Hythe


Age UK, Sanford House, Stade


Hythe Methodist Church Hall,
Chapel Street, Hythe


Saltwood Village Hall, Rectory
Lane, Saltwood


Hythe Town Football Club,
Reachfelds Stadium, Fort Road


Palmarsh Hall, Dymchurch Road,



BR1-1 to BR1-2810



CH1-1 to CH1-525



CH2-1 to CH2-2147



CH3-2 to CH3-3106/2



CH4-1/1 to CH4-2471/5



EF1-1 to EF1-2422/6



EF2-1 to EF2-2028



EF3-1 to EF3-3340



FC1-1 to FC1-2640/5



FC2-1 to FC2-1738/3




FC3-1 to FC3-1553/7



FC4-1 to FC4-947/6



FH1-1 to FH1-1630/1




FH2-1 to FH2-826



FH3-1 to FH3-1006/3



FH4-1 to FH4-1056/3



HY1-1 to HY1-1862/3



HY2-1 to HY2-1632/1


HY3-1 to HY3-2287/1



HY4-1 to HY4-2538/2



HY5-1 to HY5-720



HR1-1 to HR1-1383/1



HR2-1 to HR2-2056/1


Persons entitled to vote:

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