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Feature film looking for local talent

A new feature film that will be set in Folkestone is looking for young local talent to join the cast. Seagull is a psychological thriller about Rose, who has lived on her own, on a beach for 8 years.


Turning up back at the home she left, the film follows Rose’s journey and her Stepfathers reaction; why is she back? Why is he worried?


With filming due to start in August, Director/writer Peter Blach and Producer Mike Rogers are looking for a young girl to star in the film: “There’s a part in the film of a young girl who’s aged 8, so we are currently looking for a young actress in and around Folkestone who could take that part. She can between the ages of 8 and 11” said Peter.


Acting experience isn’t necessary for the role, you can just go along to the audition.  


Shot in and around Folkestone, Mike said the location was ideal: “Folkestone is an amazing place for shooting films and we want very much to capture what Folkestone’s about in the film. Folkestone’s almost like a character in the film itself.


“We both live here and have for a while want Folkestone to be part of the film and the people of Folkestone to be involved in making the film as well.”

Listen to the full interview here:

Audition date:

Saturday 16 April @ 10am – St Eanswythe's School, The Bayle, Folkestone


Twitter: /Seagull_Movie

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