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Saturday Nights @ Dance Easy

Throughout the duration of the Folkestone Triennial, Dance Easy at The Bayle are hosting a variety of different Saturday nights for all the family.  


Organiser Dan, who also runs Love Folkestone, said the venue was an obvious choice:  "It’s hard to explain how cool the inside of the Dance Easy building is without going inside. It’s a perfectly preserved 1960s dance studio. As soon as we walked in there we knew it was the perfect venue for some exciting late-night events.”


One of the events lined up is 'Bring Your Own Dance Party'.  "This is a music event, a club-night of sorts. The twist is that everyone who books a ticket gets to pick five of the songs that are played that evening.


"We also have ‘Try-Any-Ale Beer Festival,’ a live Folk Music event programmed by Kit & Cutter. Then finally we have a ‘Big comedy night’ jam-packed with professional comics from the British circuit.”



The events are all £5 and open to all ages.


“We just wanted to put events on, throughout a Saturday evening for everyone to enjoy” said Dan.  Sounds good to us.


Dates for your Diary:

13 Sept - Bring Your Own Dance Party

26-28 Sep - Try Any Ale Beer Festival 

11 Oct - Folk Music Night 

25 Oct - Comedy Night 


Saturday Nights @ The Bayle with Love Folkestone

September to October 

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