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SALT is a new festival about the sea and the environment co-curated by Folkestone Quarterhouse, Folkestone Fringe and Karen Shepherdson from Canterbury Christ Church University.


For the next four days you can look forward to talks, workshops, installations, shows and exhibitions that will explore the unique coastal environment of this region, the communities it sustains and consider what the future might hold.


SALT isn’t just for experts; it’s for amateurs too, as well as campaigners and sceptics - something for all ages. You might even be lucky to see some brave swimmers.

 There will be events happening at different locations, including, Folkestone Library, Quarterhouse, Sunflower House and the Harbour Arm.

Here are just a few of the many events happening;

Channel Swim Night: Kanalschwimmer & Post Show Talk

Thu 22 Oct



Between Dover and Calais, the English Channel is 33 kilometers long and crossed by 500 ships a day. It is also considered as the Mount Everest of long-distance swimmers. In this documentary, filmmaker Jörg Adolph follows three Channel swimmers as they undertake one of the greatest physical and mental challenges in the world. 

Foraging Walk followed by lunch at Rocksalt

Fri 23 Oct

'For over a decade now Forager has been supplying wild ingredients to the best chefs and restaurants around the UK. Their knowledge of the landscape and the wild flavours that it has to offer coupled with the culinary understanding and skills possessed in kitchens such as that at Rocksalt has led to a rediscovery of British wild ingredients and given them a place in our cuisine.'

Sea Story

Sat 24 Oct

Weaving together 100 stories written specially for us by young people from across the UK, let Sea Story take you on a magical journey over, under, and through the sea.

suitable for ages 5+

It’s The Skin You’re Living In

Sat 24 Oct

It's the Skin You're Living In is a multi-format film project that explores and challenges images of climate change. Made from broken images, a dismantled polar bear costume, repeated actions and walking, walking, walking, It’s the Skin You’re Living In is a strange, sad and funny meditation on being human and being animal, lost in a changing world. 

Download a copy of the full programme here

SALT Festival 21st October - 24th October

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