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Children's books to be written by local health and fitness experts

The couple behind Rock Solid, the Health, Fitness and Lifestyle coaches, have won thousands of pounds worth of mentoring to help them create children’s books.


Laura and Barry are aiming the books at 5-7-years-olds, and will be educational and simple with a focus on food; explaining why we should choose good food and why some foods are not good for you along with the impact of those choices on our bodies.  


It’s about giving control to the young people and learning about other parts of our diet, such as where our food comes from: “In around about 14 years they say half this population will be obese and that’s the next generation that are coming through the schools now” said Barry.

“We’ve looked into it and there’s not a lot out there to actually help these children to make their own decisions.  We also tell what to do and what not to do but they are not making their own decisions. If we can educate these guys to have better knowledge and make their choices, I think we’ve got a bigger chance of reducing this epidemic that’s coming our way.” 


At a networking seminar for entrepreneurs of the future, Barry and Laura were given the opportunity to do a pitch in front of 250 people and judges in a Dragons Den type situation.  They pitched their idea for children’s books and won, receiving £5k’s worth of coaching and mentoring to help them take the vision forward.

At the research stage, the couple would like families to get involved and find out what difficulties they have around food in the family home: “The question is what’s missing.  We have kids sending us pictures about what’s healthy and what’s unhealthy in relation to their bodies and we’ve also had some mums that have recorded themselves just chatting organically to their children about food and some of it is just amazing.”

 Below is the full interview with Laura and Barry where we asked why they decided to write the books.  

You can get involved by contacting Rock Solid here:





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