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Written by Courtney Knowles

April 16 is a massive day for record lovers as both Vintage & Vinyl and Hot Salvation are getting involved in ‘Record Store Day’. This only happens once a year for over 200 independent record shops across the UK, and thousands around the globe, giving people the chance to celebrate independent record stores - in one of the biggest annual event in the music calendar.

This year Vintage & Vinyl have Hannah Peel, an Irish singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer whose music has been featured in the 2012 film ‘Anna Karenina’ featuring Kiera Knightley. She will performing a live set in the shop and also has a release out on the day. Alongside this are limited edition records that have been specially made for this annual event and given to independent record shops like Vintage and Vinyl in Folkestone. The whole idea is to support and love the dedication of small record shops who help keep vinyl alive.

Vintage & Vinyl has been open in The Old High Street in Folkestone for almost two years now and this will be the second Record Store Day for them. Allison the owner said: “we had a fantastic time last year - most of our customers who had requested specific releases went away with just what they wanted.  For our first year we were thrilled with the way the day went.  The atmosphere was great - everyone was good humoured and pleased to find Record Store Day happening on their doorstep!”

 Photo by Freddie Lee Thompson 

 Hot Salvation Records 

“This day is important to us as it highlights the difference between the independent shops and shopping on Amazon or larger chains – a good independent shop will introduce you to great music – whether old or new in ways that online ordering or a supermarket can’t.  The stock is always more varied and interesting.  If you invest in your local indie record shop throughout the year you’ll get more out of it long term”.

Vintage & Vinyl opens at 8am on 16 April – get there early to be sure of getting the records you want. And don’t forget the shop is open all year round so you can always show your support.

Hot Salvation will also be holding their second annual event of RSD. Last year was a great success with a large queue outside their shop, they sold a ton of records, and there was a real party atmosphere the whole day through.

George Clift owner of Hot Salvations said his highlight was “release wise, it was the Siouxsie And The Banshees LP and Darjeeling LTD soundtrack. In terms of the day, it was just a lovely chance to meet lots of music fans, enjoy the sunshine and talk about music all day”.

“We open at 8am sharp, we’re at 32 Rendezvous Street, and will be plying the bleary eyed vinyl heads with coffee and cake early on”.

 Allison @ Vinatge & Vinyl 

For more information feel free to visit or....


 Vintage & Vinyl’s facebook page 


Hot Salvations facebook page 

Record Store Day

Saturday 16th April

Vintage & Vinyl

Hot Salvation

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