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Local Artist launches Kickstarter Book

A local artist who has been creating daily sketches has also become a staff favourite on Kickstarter. 


Suzi Ashworth has been creating the visual diary since Folkestone Gallery Strange Cargo asked artists to exhibit their doodles during a gap in their calendar, called the ‘Doodle Wall’.


After producing sketches for the wall and enjoying it so much, she continued every day: “I was focusing on textiles and it was great to get back into drawing.”


Suzi has now launched the idea on Kickstarter to help her publish a book of sketches. All 365 of them. 


Her blog ‘Random Thoughts of a Bored Artist’ was started specifically for the project which was to sketch for ten minutes every day for a year.


The results have been so successful that the idea to use Kickstarter to create a book was launched and within a day had become a staff favourite on the site and well on its way to meeting the £420 target. Despite Suzi never planning to produce a book.

 Sketch - Charivari 2014 

 Sketch - Sweary Fairy 

“Anyone who pledges £10 will receive a copy of the book and it will be delivered to anywhere in the UK (outside the UK there will be an additional charge).  I will sign it for them if people would like me to.”


A perfect gift for someone, the visual diary also has some key memories in it like when the internationally renowned photographer Spencer Tunick used locals as his subject.


When we meet, Suzi is armed with notebooks that contain her daily sketches which often features her ‘studio cat’.


I wonder if she has a favourite and she has to think for a while: “No, but many of them stick out like the one with Spencer.


“They have sometimes been recordings of conversations with friends.  Like when one of them said she didn’t want to come out because she had already taken her bra off.  We now all use that with each other whenever we don’t want to go out.”    


Suzi’s last sketching day will be September 12 and will prove to be a similar process to going through an old diary, as she does not remember all of the sketches.

Kickstarter works on an all or nothing basis.  If the target is not met, none of the books will be published.


To order a copy of ‘Random Thoughts of a Bored Artist’ through Kickstarter click here.










Random Thoughts of a Bored Artist 

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