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A tree in Radnor park will have to be felled after a fungal infection has caused it be dangerous, leading to worries it could fall.


The mature beech tree, which is at the western edge of the park, has extensive decay after the infection colonised the underside of the roots, although the tree itself looks healthy.


Cabinet Member for Commercial Services, Councillor Malcolm Dearden said the council values their trees very highly and will be regrettable to lose one of them: “ Shepway District Council has an excellent track record in tree husbandry, and our tree officer discovered the problem during a regular inspection. We need to act quickly to protect the public from a dangerous tree. Unfortunately there is no other option.”


The council will plant a semi-mature tree in the same park over the winter period as a replacement.



Tree to be felled over safety concerns 

Above: Radnor Park

Left: Councillor Dearden

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