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National Poetry Day - A class

To celebrate National Poetry Day, our educational work extended to poetry writing with a group of our students at KRAN (Kent Refugee Action Network) an

organisation that works with young unaccompanied

asylum seekers and refugees. 


I love a dove,

I love a glove,

All animals are smart,

All clothes are art.

You have the nicest nose,

It makes me think of a rose,

Your love drives me mad,

When your love stops, I get sad.

I love my life,

I love my wife,

She is quite nice,

She is like hot spice.

We have been looking at different poems to celebrate National Poetry Day which is on 8 October. 


This year, for 2015 it is about ‘Light’ but to understand more about different types of poems, we looked at children’s poets, including Spike Milligan, Roald Dahl and the Children’s Laureate; Michael Rosen (2007 – 2009).


We decided to try and write some love poems using rhyming words.  Here is a selection that we voted were the best.

 A children's poem by Spike Milligan 

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