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Open Quarter Weekend

17th-19th of June

Explore Folkestone artists and their working environments in the Open Quarters 5th year during the weekend of the 17th-19th of June. It’s most definitely going to be a lively weekend with lots going on.

Locals and visitors have the chance to discover what happens behind closed doors within the Creative Quarter aka a good chance to be nosey. Some people are kindly opening their homes to show theirs and others artworks.

Not only is there the opportunity to check out the art, but you can also take part in workshops as well as watching performances, and listening to some great music.

It all begins on Friday at 5.30pm with a Connecting Creative event at the Quarterhouse where digital artists will be showcasing their work physically and on screens.

On Saturday there’s a family show at the Quarterhouse and there’ll be music events in Payers Park in conjunction with the Lime Bar Café. Back at Payers Park on Sunday it’s the Big Lunch at 2pm, where you can bring a dish for other people to enjoy and help yourself to what other people have decided to bring.

For the first time in the Open Quarter, The Block Educational building will be open for drop in sessions both Saturday and Sunday for families and young people.

If you want to find out more about this year’s Open Quarter click HERE

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