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The Mini Money Museum

By Ciara and Jasmine

When we visited The Mini Money Museum, located at 56 The Old High Street, it was the curator is economic and monetary historian Christopher Houghton Budd who showed us around.  We asked him why he decided to create an exhibition about money in Folkestone that attracted to younger people: "To make younger people understand money." Christopher also showed us different money from different countries and told us that to make money you needed to use a special type of paper.  


By comparing different bank notes and coins from around the world you were able to spot similarities such as the choice of a head of state, monarch or politician on both the notes and coins.  We also discussed the use of design so people can spot fake notes along with the range of colours used on the various bank notes.  






We then had an opportunity to make some money ourselves.  We created money notes about Folkestone on black or white paper, choosing landmarks such as the viaduct and the beach to describe the town to people who may never had visited before. 


The museum will have more exhibitions over the next few months, changing every three to four weeks.  If you can get the chance do go along, it is really interesting for people of all ages and for younger members of the family, Christopher and his team will help you come up with ideas to make your own bank note.  As a historian he was able to explain 


The long term aim is for there to be a permanent Museum of finance in Folkestone. 



Keep up to date with The Mini Money Museum:

Open Wednesday to Sunday 11 till 4


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