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A new project in film and animation has launched, working with disabled adults in the local area, to make short films about themes and ideas that are important to them in the local community.


Mind the Gaps, with ARRCC and Screen South received funding from the Big Lottery Fund to run the project for six months, using industry standard equipment. “Adults with disabilities are quite poorly represented in the film industry and thus don’t have a stronger voice within the community. This is a great medium to get across ‘yes I’ve got a disability, but I’ve got something to say” said project leader Dominic Pillai.


Mind the Gaps starts in Folkestone 

A volunteer at ARRCC for nearly three years, Steve thinks both the charity and their new project is exactly what is needed: “I was quite a normal able bodied person, walking about. “I had a very strange rare illness which meant I had to have my legs off. I suddenly went from being 5 ft 10 to about 3 ft 8. Somewhere like ARRCC is exactly what I need. This is a new string in my bow really film making. I haven’t done anything like that before. “Unfortunately we are still treated differently than the rest of the world and the more we explain ourselves, how we are just the same, nobody’s any different, a film is a good way to open this door.”


Already signed up to the project is Jemima, who has cerebral palsy and talks with an electronic communication aid: “I want to learn more about film making, I want to get better at filming and editing and learn about computer animation.” 

Mind The Gaps @ ARRCC

To find out more information visit the Mind the Gaps facebook page here: Facebook/MindtheGaps


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