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Mermaid Festival



By Courtney Knowles

The mermaid festival is one of the multiple events organised by the Folkestone Festivals - all their events are family friendly, free and fun for locals and visitors alike.  John Barber from Folkestone festivals said “The aim being to ensure that Folkestone is always a place where something is happening to entertain visitors throughout the year”. 


Join Menfolk, Pirates and Sea Babies in a parade led by Djembe Drummers and listen to Folkestone Mermaids telling stories and singing songs. This is its third year and celebrates all things Mythical and Magical about the sea on Saturday 8th August from 10am to 5pm

Following on from the Trawler Race and Fishermen's Fun weekend and before the yearly Sandcastle competition, Folkestone festivals hope for anyone to get involved; young, old, babies, mermaids, Neptune’s, pirates. It is principally an event for the children and there will be a competition for the best dressed.

John said the idea originated from a team of volunteers “We have a team who come up with ideas for events. Some of which are very successful such as the Multi-Cultural Festival, Fairytale and Fancy Dress Picnic by the Bandstand, Artmarts, Leas Village Fete, Trawler Race. One of our volunteers was very keen to introduce the Mermaid Festival (but sadly she has since moved from Folkestone). We wish to bring back some of the many events Folkestone always had such as the International Folklore Festival, Sporting events, more use of the bandstand”

  Photos by David Shackle  

For more information about Folkestone Festivals visit

Mermaid Festival

Saturday 8th August 10am-5pm

@ The Amphitheatre - Lower Leas Coastal Park 

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