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Meet Bob, 'the Few's' newest member

The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust have released a new guide to help children understand ‘the Few’; the aircrew who took part in the Battle of Britain.


‘Bob’ is designed by local artist Ian Johnstone and guides people through the National Memorial to The Few at Capel Le Ferne.

At the time of the Battle of Britain, these brave men were not called ‘the Few’, but members of the RAF who fought against the German air force; the Luftwaffe.  Much of that battle took place over Kent.


At the time of the Battle, Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister and it was he who would plant the seed for the naming of ‘the Few’ when he said: “Never in the field of conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”



Here, Malcolm Triggs from the Trust tells us about their newest member and what ‘the Few’ think of him.

You can find out more about the Battle of Britain Trust and the Wing, including opening times by visiting their website:


To read our feature on the Wing go here or read what our students thought of Bob and the Scramble Experience here.

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