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“I’m a free creative spirit”

By Courtney Knowles

Who is Maiuko?

I am a Mozambican artist and singer who has lived in the UK for a while now.  I moved to Folkestone about 10 years ago. 

Where are you originally from?

I’m from Mozambique but I’ve lived Swaziland, South Africa, Portugal and France but I liked England so much I stayed here. 

Have you any other hidden talents?

Yes I do, if you want to call it a talent; I do art because it’s part of my upbringing, it's part of my culture. We learn something even if it’s just weaving; so I developed this as I come from a very creative family. It was just introduced as a normal part of my life.

Where have you toured?

I’ve pretty much toured everywhere –  I can’t say the whole world as it’s a big place. For the last five years I’ve toured South Africa, Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Holland, France, Germany, America and England.

Where is your favourite place in Folkestone?

Where was your favourite place on tour?

I came in to perform at the music room along the leas, it’s not a music room anymore but that’s what actually made me move here. The music room was amazing and all acoustically designed as well.  

I’ve just been to Liverpool and I really liked it. I like the entire town it’s just so creative. And of course it’s a Beatles town, I’m not 100% a Beatles fan – I have immense respect for their achievements obviously, and I think they're fantastic song writers within the pop genre, but to go and see a town full of the Beatles is really nice.  But there’s also alot of other cultural documents and registers that are really interesting. And their accent is good. Also very lovely people with a lovely place called St.Georges concert hall; it’s a very old building and a beautiful one too.  

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Well it depends on the type of yellow. Shocking yellows come across as really aggressive, I don't have a very positive opinion on the colour. I think flowers are a lovely colour, and of course I like the earthy yellows but not the electric colours.

Oh, it was a long time ago of course because I’m ancient – it was embarrassing but funny. I had a television show to attend right at the beginning of my career. The cabs were all taken but I saw a bus right underneath my flat so I ran and got on the bus to go. But when I got to the studio I realised I hadn’t put my shoes on, so I had turned up with these massive Garfield slippers!


How would you describe the colour yellow to someone who's blind?

I was talking to an artist the other day about what we used to read when we were younger. This was when I lived in Swaziland and we used to read alot of cartoons from Brazil and this one was my favourite; Goofy. There were so many, I still like them things to keep that fun side of me.

What is your favourite Disney character?

What keeps you awake at night?

Creativity. A creative brain. Some worries as well, if it's an everyday life worry there’s solutions to that so no need to stay awake. But if it's more serious worries like my mum being ill.

Tell us a joke.

Oh dear that is terrible. I was a presenter for a show and another presenter was ill so i stepped on. I had to say to the audience I hope the band that’s about to come hurry’s because I haven’t got any jokes. I would win the first price for ruining a joke.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My grandmother, because she came from a very strong powerful family from Swaziland. Back then women didn’t have a significant part in life. But she was so strong to stand up her herself and she inspired many other women then.

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