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How an Advent Calendar will come alive this December

When young people across Folkestone open the miniature cardboard doors on their advent calendars at the start of December, in town later that day, one door will also open and inside will be a surprise; a free live performance.


As part of JimJam Arts ‘Living Advent Calendar’ Folkestone will come alive with music, dance, puppetry and drama, all hidden behind different doors.


Working with different groups including: Age UK in Hythe, ARRCC on Tontine Street, Brockhill and St Eanswythe School, JimJam Arts have also been working with The Folkestone Status as part of our educational work.

With our young people from the Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN), we have devised a play that will be included in the event, and played at one of the locations during December.


With an open brief, the group decided to write about the journey of four young refugees; two brothers and two sisters. Their story begins in Sudan, the first stop on the sibling’s route from Eritrea to Germany.


Written and recorded by our students, the emotional journey travels through different countries to reach their character's final destination. 



Here is a short clip of the play, which you can hear in full on 16 December.

Keep up to date with each performance by getting a clue every day from JimJam Arts' Living Advent Calendar Facebook Page

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