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Help Save Leas Lift

Along with two recent fundraising history tours, the Leas Lift have also started a crowd funding campaign, aiming to raise enough funds to save the lift from closing.  


Opened in 1885, the Leas Lift operates with water and was the third such lift to be built in the world.  Substantially intact, it is still fully operational during the summer months and provides a welcome break to the steep climb back up to the Leas. 


Now with essential major repairs happening over the winter period, which will see the cars having a complete refurbishment, a crowd funding page has been set up help cover the costs of maintaining the building and equipment, alongside two tours where you can see the original Victorian pumo and water tanks and learn the history of the Folkestone Leas.  


Reaching a crucial point in the historical site’s funding after 2015 was one of the worst seasons for the lift, Manager of the Leas Lift Eamon Rooney, says the six weeks of operation stack also had an impact. 

Eammon spoke to Academy FM about why the money is needed and how some parts for the refurbishment come from as far away as Africa.


You can listen to the interview below.

To donate please visit the Leas Lift Crowd Funding Page.  Keep up to date with the Leas Lift by visiting their Facebook page

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