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Krijn de Koning 

Born in Amsterdam, Krijn de Koning was commissioned for the Folkestone Triennial by the Turner Contemporary thanks to a grant by the Creative Foundation.


His structure ‘Dwelling’ is his first commission in England and is in two locations, within a Victorian grotto on Folkestone seafront and at the Turner Contemporary’s South Terrace which is adjacent to the gallery.

‘Dwelling’ is identical at both locations and combines a framework of painted wooden beams and series of voids that suggest doors, windows and walls.


Although they are in very different locations; appearing as though it is part of the cave walls and party buried in it at Folkestone and then inserted between walls at the newly designed contemporary building of the gallery, they both have strong connections through their coastal locations and history as a popular tourism destination.

Krijn de Koning 



Zig Zag Path, Coastal Park

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