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Lime Bar Exhibition with James Jackson

The Lime Bar café is Folkestone’s newest venue, recently opened on Tontine Street opposite the Quarterhouse by Andi and Cath, it is already getting a reputation for their variety of events in the evenings.


Not just a café and bar, Andi wants it be a place that you to feel safe and it makes you feel. Along with gigs, reading, film and sound events, the Lime Bar is also now hosting their first exhibition full of amazing portraits by local artist James Jackson.  


 “The first time I met James I knew we were going to get along great, he’s the new guy to town, very creative and has a strong pedigree in music” said Andi.  “I get to look at the portraits all day long, and yet never get bored.”


The great combination of colours really expresses the tonal features in each and every one of the faces. I thought the portraits were astonishing and can see why Andi never gets bored looking at them, there is so much detail and colour to each piece that each time you look you notice something different.   

By Courtney Knowles

  Courtney with the artist James Jackson  

‘Mrs Paginini’ (above my head) immediately stood out, as one of the largest piece in the exhibition the blend of shades and colours grab your attention instantly.  James also mixes portraits of real people and famous artists. 


This is an exhibition that is a must see with the added bonus that you can grab a cuppa, some delicious cake or a drink in what may turn out to be Folkestone’s friendliest venue.


James is currently working on a new set of 12 paintings featuring well known people in Folkestone.   You can find out more about his work by visiting his Facebook page: James Jackson


The Lime Bar will be having many more exhibitions coming up and a whole load of events which you can keep yourself updated through our event calendar.


With a warm welcome and a bunch of smiles anyone feels right at home at Lime Bar.

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