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Can a Stencil be Art?

When Bansky visited Folkestone, he brought both art and debate to the wall of the amusement arcade at the top of Payers Park. 


Our students debated the merits of stenciling as an art form and put their arguments for and against.



I don’t think it’s art because anyone could do it, but it could make a difference to the town.


People could come to Folkestone to visit and while they are here they might buy food or drinks which would help the local businesses. 

They might even go and visit some of the other pictures on the walls.



I believe that Banksy’s artwork is artwork because stencils are difficult to make.  Not everyone can do that type of thing, this makes his work special. I personally find stencils difficult to do.


Everyone has their own talent and opinion on things but there is nothing rude about his work. 

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