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Improv Gym

Improv Gym has been created for people to have a bit of fun by working together on Monday evenings at the Quarterhouse to create improvisational performance and comedy pieces.  There is no agenda behind what you will do, it’s just something you’ll have fun with and be in the moment. As adults you lose the ability to play, or get self-conscious and paranoid about how you’re perceived.

Nina, one of the facilitators said the sessions are aimed at everybody “I’m the musician out of the facilitators and I have a history with acting but it was quite a long time ago, so for me it was really lovely to be welcomed into this group.  All newcomers are welcome and people just come and tend to throw themselves into stuff. It’s a safe space for everyone even for people with no performing experience at all.”

The classes are fortnightly on a Monday, 7.30 until 9pm. It’s on a Monday as part of the Quarterhouse’s ‘Community Monday’ theme, therefore sessions are free.

“Initially we wanted Chris, the founder of Improv Gym, to tell you why the classes we’re created. So we asked him the other day what was his reason and he said he originally wanted to have a creative space for himself, an outlet for him to bounce his ideas around”.

James another facilitator of Improv added “even if you’ve been feeling pretty rubbish from your day don’t let that stop you from coming as I always leave feeling 10x better. Even if I’m feeling really tired from work and ask myself hmm do I go? Yes of course I do, because it really does make me feel good. Also it’s currently run by four co facilitators myself, Lucy, Nina and Chris which means we’re giving up our time and hope in return you’ll give us yours”.

Starting off with warm up games to get everyone in the mood you’ll then move onto short form and long form of Improv, which is essentially more games but with a bit more structure. Also expect a lot of silliness.

Improv Gym @ The Quarterhouse

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