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Get started with Shepway Home Start

In a large property, a few minutes walk from Bouverie Place, an organisation are providing a variety of different groups for young Mums, covering subjects such as breastfeeding and teething, while also providing courses and training and employement advice.  All of which is free along with an in-house crèche for the kids and a free healthy lunch. 


Kerry Booth from Homestart said the YAPS (Young Active Parent Support) group explains what is avilable:  "We have the midwifes that come in and do their appointments, the dental nurse will come in and talk about teething and how the teeth grow, we also have people come in from the colleges to talk about going back into education or back into work."


With speakers also coming in to cover anything from fire safety with KFRS, training opportunities, there are also many other activities available: “baking, cooking – what I will do is go to the supermarket and get a list cheap ingredients to then go through a different recipe such as spaghetti bolognaise or sausage casserole – nice and easy healthy recipes and then they get to try it and the children get to try it and then they have learnt how much it’s going to cost and then how to make it”  said Kerry.


Homestart is now also providing free First Aid courses leading to a qualification and free driving lessons for parents who are 19 and under. 



Listen to our interview with Kerry below to find out more about what groups are available:

Are you a young parent or parent to be aged 19 or under?

A fun and friendly group for young parents with free crèche places, free activities and events plus a free lunch.


If you are interested please contact Kerry or Neykia on

01303 244836.


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