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Christmas is over - but don't bin it...

by Folkestone Academy student Harry

After Christmas when it's time to take down the decorations, what do you do with all your left over cards and decorations?


Students at the Folkestone Academy re-used them to make decorations for next year, including tree decorations, new cards and a nativity scene.


Here Harry gives his instructions on how he made a nativity scene using left over Christmas cards:

Get Ready

First you will need several used Christmas cards (approximately 12)

Stapler/lots of staples

Double sided tape/glue





1. Staple four cards together in shape of a box.

2. Then make a roof using one or two cards.

3. Glue or stick your characters into your stable.

4. Put a back on (optional).

5. You can add additional things and/or characters if you would like.

Finished Nativity Scene


By using images from old Christmas cards, Harry created the characters for the nativity scene, including an animal and added some presents by cuting little strips of wrapping paper to make a ribbon over the box.

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