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Harriet Yeo to stand in Folkestone & Hythe for UKIP

Harriet Yeo, former chair of Labour’s NEC, will now stand as the candidate for Folkestone & Hythe in the local elections on May 7. 


In an announcement today by UKIP leader Nigel Farage, Harriet will replace parliamentary candidate Janice Atkinson who was expelled from the party last night amidst fraud allegations. Janice is intending to appeal the decision. 



Nigel said that Harriet ‘shone out’ and during a speech at the party’s spring conference in Margate said: “Left & Right in British Politics is now actually and completely irrelevant it’s not about left and right anymore, it’s about right and wrong .”


He also commended the former chair’s bravery in making the move:  “She was very brave to leave the labour party after all those years, brave to come and join UKIP, braver still to put herself in the frontline and apply for this seat.”



We spoke to Harriet just after the announcement, who told us that the move to UKIP was decided weeks ago: “The process started in the police and crime commissioner candidate elections and the decision was made about six or seven weeks ago.” 



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