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We meet Mike Edson, founder of the Folkestone Harbour Festival to

find out what is planned for this years event…..


By Yr 8 Folkestone Academy students, James and Joe

Q: What inspired you to do the Harbour Festival?

A: It was more to do with the rescue boat and getting some people down to patrol the beach and raise money for the RNLI.


Q: What have you added to the Festival this year?

A: We’ve got a full fun fair coming down, 17 bands, we’ve got the classic cars coming down and the VW Custom camper-vans coming, and of course we have the Police who will do demonstrations like last year, plus the RNLI.


Q: Why is it important?

A: It’s important to keep Folkestone going, having a free

event like this and keeping people happy is great for

Folkestone. Plus it’s for all the family.


Q: When did the Festival Start?

A: It started 14 years ago with the Raft Race and slowly

year by year it has developed into the Harbour Festival.


Q: What happens at the Harbour Festival?

A: Hopefully families come down and people have lots of fun.


Q: Why do you do it?

A: Because no-one else will do it! But seriously it’s something to do for Folkestone, it’s to help put Folkestone on the map and try and keep it there, that’s one of the main reasons.


Q: Will there be food?

A: Yes there will be lots of stands this year with a huge variety including Caribbean food, German food, chocolate delights, seafood and much more. There will be about a dozen different types of food.


Q: What is the latest news about the powerboats?

A: Unfortunately they have cancelled so we will not be seeing the powerboats this year but we are seriously thinking about having parachutes coming into the festival which would be great to see. And don’t forget the raft race is the main event and is always fantastic to watch, plus the classic cars and the VW campers, loads of live music so there will be plenty to going on.


Q: How can people get involved?

A: Well we always need volunteers so anyone that could help us out over the weekend would be great.



Contact Mike or Kate @

Folkestone Harbour Festival

15 & 16 August

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