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In 1814, William Daniell set off on an epic journey that would result in him painting the whole coast of Great Britain.   Not finishing until 11 years later, the collection of artworks is now to go under the hammer at a Folkestone auction house.


On the 17 September at their offices on Shearway Business Park, Grand Auctions will put an estimate of £2,000 - £3,000 for the collection that is also a piece of Britain's landscape history, started by Daniell 200 years ago.  


Head of paintings, sculptures and prints, Jonathan Riley said it was a unique recording: “Daniell is a remarkable person, he did some amazing things. It’s fascinating that this man went round the whole coast of Britain producing 308 paintings and drawings of our coastline.


"I think we are the only country that have a complete pictorial history of a period of 1814-1825 and that’s very unique.”


Piece of History to go under the hammer in Folkestone 

Daniell's journey around the coast would not have been a simple one. In the 1800's is was not quite a simply as jumping in a car. 


“Well firstly forget planes and cars, it was all done on foot or horse, except when he went to the remote Scottish islands. It must have been very frightening and was very brave as well as artistic” said Jonathan.


He added that the technicalities of the artworks were also complex: “The great quality of the pieces is that they are all made individually, you would have to have a copper plate onto which you have to insize with various tools the shape of the image.

  Jonathan Riley with the collection   


"Once you have done all that you have to cover it with ink then wipe it off and then by hand pull it off at the right moment making sure the image is perfect.”


Jonathan said that trying to put an estimate on something so unique has meant that they are not sure what will be realised for the pieces:  "Well its like putting your finger up in the air and guessing. A collection like this has never come before at auction, so we just have to guess and we have put it in at 2-3,000 which is remarkably reasonable." 

  Hythe by William Daniell  

William Daniell at Grand Auctions

17 September @ 

Estimate £2,000 - £3,000

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