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Everyone, unless they have been in a cave, knows how fantastic the Googie burger is. But what about the rest of the menu?  Well I took myself off for a little bit of brunch so you don’t have to – see how generous I am.


I figured it was a good time of day to have a healthier option so I went for the smashed avocado with chilli and poached egg. It looked so scrummy that you almost don’t want to ruin the plate by tucking in. Well that was my initial thought that lasted about, roughly 3 seconds.


That avocado certainly had a kick but the poached egg eased the taste buds enough for me to not run off for a glass of milk. I am a wimp where chilli is concerned.


The doorstep bread made this seriously filling and something to be taking your time over.  That means staying a bit longer, a chore I know. 


The tomatoes were cooked perfectly and gives you something else to smash onto your toast if you are so inclined. 

 Smashed Avocado 

There seems little point in over reviewing Googies.  Let’s face it, it’s all gorgeous and I have never been disappointed.


No wonder they keep nicking all the awards. 


I had:


Smashed Avocado with chili on toast, free range poached egg and grilled cherry tomatoes - £5.95

Peppermint Tea - £2.30

Sparkling Water - £1.50

Satisfaction - £Priceless 



Googies, 15 Rendezvous Street, Folkestone. CT20 1EY

01303 246188




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