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Funding our Town Sprucer

Never has the Sprucer been more popular or appreciated than when he had his recent accident at the back of the Town Hall. 


With a fractured skull and severed artery in his arm, Peter’s recovery has been quicker than most people would have thought, but it’s been a long road for the man himself who has been itching to get back to it.  


Back to work as the Town’s Sprucer, Peter is embarking on his second year as an independent handyman for our town. 


Peter first met David Taylor when he was out cycling and then volunteering at the Warren.  

 Peter with volunteers   

 'Sprucing' the towns bins  

Soon becoming involved with David’s residents association, it was a family visit to the States that David came across the idea of a ‘Sprucer’ and there the idea was born, with Peter as a natural candidate.


The scheme that keeps on giving, is part funded by the Town Council, making a difference with hedge trimming, graffiti removal, pathway repairs and much more. 


Backed by the Town Team, Chairman Anthony Pound is appealing for support to keep Peter sprucing: “In an ideal world, the Sprucer would be unnecessary.  But with government cutbacks and an often challenged private sector, infrastructure deteriorates and the town gets shabby.


“The Sprucer also provides job-seekers with work experience and in several cases gets them back into full-time employment.


Whatever you can give, your donation is worthwhile.”


To Donate:


Who is the Sprucer? - Meet Peter Phillips 

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