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Folkestone Fun Palace

By Kay McLoughlin

The Folkestone Fun Palace is just one of many pop up events due to be held around the UK this weekend offering people the chance to get involved with free activities involving art and science.


Conceived in 1961 as a ‘laboratory of fun’ and ‘a university of the streets’ by theatre director Joan Littlewood with architect Cedirc Price, Fun Palaces are a campaign for culture for everyone to join in with, available to both adults and children at no cost.


The Folkestone version is jointly co-ordinated by the Folkestone Fringe and the Creative Foundation and its main objective according to Allegra Galvin, Quarterhouse Director is: “To provide a free, fun day of activities available to all.” 

Local artist, Diane Dever, who is part of the Folkestone Fringe explained what some of the activities are about: “There are lots of fun things for adults and children to take part in, fort building at the Fringe Harbour Hub, knitting a giant blanket which is hoped to be auctioned to raise money for the homeless, Japanese storytelling using pictures, dressing up in costumes and taking photos at the large picture frames next to the Harbour, a science workshop organised by Francis Chiverton called 'How to Fossilise a Hamster' plus many more activities.

"It's going to be a lot of fun. At the end of the days activities we are going to have a campfire at the Hub and hope to cook vegetable chilli with ingredients provided by people visiting the Fun Palace.”


Starting at 10am and finishing at 5.30, a jam packed day is planned at both the Quarterhouse and the Fringe Hub, including yoga for kids and a clothes swish with Skylarks, just take a long five items of clothes or accessories and swap for five that take your fancy.  

Folkestone Fun Palace

Sunday 5th October


@ Quarterhouse / Folkestone Fringe Harbour Hub


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