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The Food Assembly launches in Folkestone

by Sam Howard

Local residents have started Folkestone’s very own Food Assembly, which they launched on Tuesday 13th December 2016.


The food assembly works from an online platform where you order local organic produce from and then collect in person at the weekly market at Folkestone Quarterhouse. The food assembly organisers Beth, Bean & Maggie’s priority is to bring quality produce to our community, while helping producers meet local consumers. 

Residents have decided to do this, as it is a chance for all members of the community to support local farming businesses. There are already over 10 producers within a 28 mile radius of the area who supply all sorts of local foods ranging from fresh vegetables, eggs, granola, meat, cheese and lots more. The Food Assembly is also working with well-known vegan food enthusiasts Dr Legumes.


A recent visitor to the event said “as a new mum on a low income attending a local farmer’s market has been my anchor, providing me not only with quality, affordable produce but also a chance to feel present in my local community.”

You can simply order your food online each week and then collect your shopping between 5-7pm every Tuesday from the Quaterhouse in Folkestone. For questions and images contact:


To join the Folkestone Food Assembly is free, and there’s no commitment to buy - simply click on the link below:


For more information, hear Academy FM's Kay McLoughlin's interview with Charlotte Bean:


Other ways to get in touch or find out more:


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Tweet: @FstoneFood

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