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Your Triennial Guide 

The public art project has returned to Folkestone where it will run until the 2 November. 


There are 21 installations around Folkestone and here you can find out more about the artworks and the artists. 


There are also many other events that are happening in Folkestone during the Triennial which are all listed on our events calendar


Some of this year's artworks will become permanent pieces in Folkestone alongside previous works from the 2008 and 2011 Triennials. 


Click on the images to find out more. 

 #Folkestone Gold  

Triennial Overheard


What really knocked over a piece of artwork on the opening of the Triennial?


What is the most commongly asked question at the Kiosk? 


Click here for some hilarious stories from inside the the 2014 Triennial with Triennial Overheard.

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