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Remembering Folkestone’s Fishing Heritage

By KRAN students

Before it opens to the public in Folkestone, we went along to the Fishing and Heritage Museum on the harbour.


By the lorry park in the Old Booking Hall, a large display of photos, nets, knots, fishing equipment and artefacts fill the room.  It is very interesting to see photos from over 100 years ago of fishermen in Folkestone, and you can recognise the parts of the harbour, although they have changed since then.

Centuries ago it was very dangerous for fishermen, and it still is today.  Before the harbour was built, unprotected boats on the shore and even the fishermen’s homes would be taken away by storms.


Folkestone was once founded on its fishing industry but now there are only about 22 men who operate 9 boats.


It is very important that we remember Folkestone’s fishing history and a permanent site for this exhibition is being looked for.  Now though you can look through all the photos that show the fishermen’s history in the town and you can learn new skills like; rope splicing, net breeding and how to tie different knots. You can also find out how fishing has changed and what the Folkestone Trawlers catch when they go out on their boats.

We really enjoyed learning more about the fishermen and it is the perfect opportunity to visit before heading to the Harbour Arm. There really is a lot to see and there will always be someone there to answer your questions.  

Folkestone's Fishing and Heritage Museum


Open from Friday 18 March - 30 September 2016

10.30am - 4pm


Old Booking Hall, Folkestone Harbour

 Postcards drawn by local fisherman Terry Noakes

As part of our educational work, we are working with some of our young unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees at Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN)

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