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Folkestone's Fishing Heritage - An exhibition

By Raffy

Next to the Harbour Masters house, Folkestone’s fishermen are holding an exhibition in the old booking hall on the harbour.


On hand to answer our questions was Frank Bond, who taught us how to tie different knots that are used by the fishermen, we saw 11 different types at the exhibition. 


Also on display are the clothes worn by fisherman which need to be waterproof and different pots that are used to catch whelks, lobsters and crab and you can again see different knots used on the pots which are placed in the sea and attract the shell fish. 


The pots are then bought back up to the surface by the fisherman when they are out on their boats.  There are also many books which explain the history of the fisherman.


Going back to pre-Roman times when shellfish were exported to northern France, Folkestone was originally a fishing port. 


Find out more from the exhibition and look at the display of fishing equipment, artefacts and old photos.  The exhibition is free and really interesting for all the family.


1 April to 17 May

10am to 4pm


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