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Fiction @ The Quarterhouse

A very unusual performance is set to take the stage at the Quarterhouse.  Unusual in the sense that you won’t be able to see anything.  And you won’t be able to see anything because the audience will be in complete darkness. 


Fiction is written by Glen Neath and Directed by David Rosenberg and is the second performance that they have used binaural sound and total darkness. 


With the audience unable to even see their hands, how will they find the exit if they want to make an early escape? 

Fiction is not for the faint hearted or for people who don’t like to give up the control but as yet, despite touring the UK, it seems so far, the audience have at least stayed awake, despite the complete lack of light. 


Either that or they don’t snore, because let’s face it, you couldn’t see them anyway.


Ahead of their performance at the Quarterhouse, the Folkestone Status spoke to the Director, David Rosenberg to find out what people can expect when they can’t see anything.    

 Listen Here  

Enter a dream like state and give over the control to Fuel Theatre with 'Fiction' on Friday, an experience not to be missed.   Just don't nod off.

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