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How we roll.

The Folkestone Status is a media and educational project set up by local community radio station 105.9 Academy FM Folkestone.  


With thanks to the Roger de Haan Charitable Trust and the Colyer Fergusson Trust, the Folkestone Status has been created to bring you upto date information about events and current affairs in the local area and allow us to provide opportunities for a different type of learning to young people. 


Working with disadvantaged young people, they will also contribute with reviews, relevant to the local area, here on the website and also in our free bi-monthly magazine.  


Please click on the images above to view what our students have been working on so far.


If you have any events or activities that you would like our students to report please get in touch.   We would love to hear from you.


Thank you for your support.


Sarah Hagues




 KRAN - A Journey 

 It's cool to work in Folkestone   

 We visit the money museum   

 Meeting Dexter   

 Can a Stencil be Art?   

 The Triennial Review   

 A Fishing Exhibition 

 The Burger Review   

 Q&A with Folkestone Film, TV & Comic Con  

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