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You never leave still hungry...

By Courtney Knowles

It’s very hard for a restaurant to give you two different atmospheres yet Django’s succeeds very well in this.

With the upstairs being a bright busy café and downstairs being a very low lighted relaxing eating place the two really contrast each other. I personally like to refer the upstairs to a people watching spot for reasons like the massive windows that surround you all you can see is the outside and the business of others. Then if you choose to sit downstairs you’re completely excluded from the rest of the world, with no windows just dim lights, mirrors and candles it is an escape from everyone else.

The first time I went I was sat outside in the summer which was lovely in the sun, a nice big fry up with a nice sunny view. Then the second time I enjoyed my fry up was in the café and got down to people watching. Finally, ate my fry up a different time but this time downstairs. So I tested out the whole experience at Django’s and have to say I loved every single one of them. The fry up itself was unbelievable, the quality of the food is amazing and for the amount you get you can’t complain about the price. The staff, food and atmosphere is brilliant, defiantly one of my faves.

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