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How working in an office has got a whole lot cooler

By Katie and Chloe

Working in an office does not need to be boring anymore thanks to two offices in Folkestone.  Sleeping Giant Media and the Workshop both offer an unusual place to work either for a fast growing company or as part of a start-up hub for new businesses.


The first place we visited was the workshop, an innovative workspace for businesses seeking flexible accommodation, key advice and support.

Inside, not only are there communal kitchen areas, there is funky seating that resembles the keys on a keyboard and a slide which takes you from one floor to another.  The slide which has also been in the national press is also used by staff to transport kitchen supplies like sugar and teabags to the floor below. 


The large black building on Tontine Street caters for entrepreneurs and is becoming a hotspot for start-up businesses on the Factory Floor where people also have access to mentors and experts.


Getting more and more popular, even the businesses inside the building are growing; it must be all the energy the save by using the slide! 


The next cool office in Folkestone we visited was in the formal building of Shepway District Council, although getting the lift up to Sleeping Giant Media’s offices open into anything but a formal entrance.

For the specialist and social marketing agency, not only are the views from the 7th and 8th floor fantastic, the rooms have more and more surprises as you walk around.  From trophies in fish tanks to guitars and astro turf in meeting rooms there was also a secret board room hidden by a book case.


The chill out room had two TV’s, one was in a frame with a pool table and a ping pong table….and if that wasn’t cool enough, the media company have a giant ball pit as a meeting room! And for the company? Well they keep growing and growing, proof that a cool office inspires hard work.


Folkestone’s offices have got seriously cool and with a little hard work, maybe, just maybe we could get to work in one….and try not to get distracted by all the fun stuff.

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