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Comic Con comes to Folkestone 

By Katie Brady

We interviewed Andy and Terri who organise the Film, TV and Comic con Festival. Terri works at Saga and Andy works at Premier Food, they both organize the festival in their spare time and raise money for charity.  This year it will be held at the Folkestone Academy for the first time.  The Film, TV and Comic Con Festival used to be called Geek Fest.



Q: Who is your favourite companion  from Doctor Who?


A: Nicola Bryant.


Q: What is your favorite comic?


A: Spider man and Marvel’sFantastic Four.


Q: Do you believe in aliens?


A: Yes I do believe in aliens.


Q: How many times have you organized this event?


A: It’s our 3rd time doing the festival but the one we have this year is the biggest one. The first one was at the Grand Hotel, the second one was at the Leas Cliff hall and the one this year is at the Folkestone Academy.


Q: If you had to be a movie star in a film what would it be?


A: Star Wars.


Q: What do you do when you are not planning for the festival?


A: We both work.


Q: Will you have another Comic Con Festival next year?


A: Yes, we will do it again next year if it goes well this time.



2015 Folkestone Film, TV and Comic Con - Saturday May 9 @ Folkestone Academy

Check out their Facebook page: Comic Con



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