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Cheriton Light Festival

Brightening up your weekend with the Cheriton Light Festival...

On the 27th and 28th of February Strange Cargo will be clearing the High Street of Cheriton of traffic and replacing the public space with lights and people. Head to Cheriton from 6-9pm on foot, bus or train as there will be very limited spaces to park, to enjoy this spectacular free event.

The light festival is organised by local arts organisation Strange Cargo, who will be taking over Cheriton artworks. This year we will see work by artists Porté Par le Vent from France, and Jyll Bradley whose new work Espallier on Strange Cargo’s factory is a companion to her beautiful sculpture Green Light for the 2014 Folkestone Triennial.

Many members of the public have given up the fronts of their houses to have artwork and lights shown on them. Last year thousands covered the streets to whiteness the creations.

If you want to visit, remember Cheriton High Street will be closed from 4pm so try and walk or catch the bus or train! For more information check out Strange Cargo’s website or facebook page Strangecargo/arts.

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